Understanding Your Needs and Goals

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Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney (SBSB) takes a thoughtful, thorough, and personalized approach to financial planning, portfolio management, fiduciary services, and tax services for a variety of affluent individuals, families, non-profits and corporations throughout the United States. We work with you to determine specifically which of our boutique services will best fit your needs.

In-Depth and Extensive

SBSB has a rigorous and in-depth approach to financial planning, portfolio management, fiduciary services, and tax services. We view your financial needs holistically and provide a breadth and depth of experience. In addition to your core team of SBSB advisors, we can introduce you to the right people at the right time to guide you through important financial decisions as they arise.

We can work with you to bring collaboration and coordination among the professionals in your life – your attorneys, accountants, trustees, insurance agents, business advisors, private bankers, etc. – to help align every aspect of your wealth management strategy to meet your goals.

Personalized and Proactive

We get to know our clients and their needs and develop close working relationships based on professional confidence and trust. We understand that your financial planning needs are dynamic and will continue to change.

Your advisors will recommend an investment strategy, as well as monitor and manage your portfolio through the subsequent years of your life. They will continue to assess your financial goals, resources and strategies, alert you to decisions that need to be made as circumstances change, and discuss new opportunities and risks with you as they arise.

Independent and Objective

We operate on a fee-only (non-commission) basis, so you can trust that our interests are aligned with your own.

Our open architecture, consultative approach allows your SBSB advisory team to provide you with objective, unbiased advice.

Your choices are never limited.

Downside Protection

Nothing is more important to us than building and protecting your financial independence. Our aim is to enable you to pursue that goal with confidence from an informed position.

We believe in building investment portfolios based upon a rigorous, disciplined approach with an emphasis on risk management.

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