Every Life Needs a Plan

How Should You Plan For Your Future?

Our advisors can work closely with you to create a holistic financial plan that helps you identify personal and family goals, define your expectations for the future and plot a course that will help you reach those goals. Additionally, we can work with you on particular financial strategies as needs arise.

Our goal is to provide you with financial advice to assist you with living the life you choose now and in the future. Our experienced advisors will not only manage your investment portfolios, but can also advise you on the best steps to take to resolve a variety of financial planning needs

Ask The Important Questions

  • When can I retire?
  • What is the best way to pay for my children’s education?
  • How can I optimize my tax situation?
  • How should I transfer assets to my heirs?


  • Prepare retirement needs analysis
  • Consult on funding and disbursement strategies
  • Advise on Social Security benefit strategies
  • Perform pension benefit optimization analysis
  • Advise on tax deferral strategies such as deferred compensation and retirement plans
  • Calculate minimum required distributions
  • Review and advise on employer retirement plan investment options and allocations


  • Determine education funding needs
  • Consult on funding and disbursement strategies
  • Review §529 plan options
  • Set up §529 plan accounts
  • Review §529 investment allocation
  • Facilitate education payments


  • Advise on family and charitable gifting strategies
  • Analyze funding techniques
  • Review and analyze impact on financial and estate plans
  • Select assets to give and prepare gift timeline
  • Advise on intra-family loans
  • Analyze income tax impact


  • Review estate planning documents and discuss potential strategies
  • Prepare summary/flowcharts of estate plan
  • Analyze estate strategies
  • Coordinate with and provide data to your estate planning attorney
  • Facilitate changes to beneficiary designations and retitling of accounts
  • Consult on and assist in estate administration

Cash Management

  • Assess cash sources and needs
  • Facilitate cash disbursements
  • Assist with budgeting issues


  • Analyze purchase and refinance loan options
  • Coordinate loan procurement
  • Gather and provide data to lenders
  • Assess lease versus buy options

Employee Stock Plans

  • Prepare schedules of employee stock benefits
  • Recommend divestiture strategies
  • Calculate cost basis and identify tax lots
  • Prepare analyses such as §83(b) election and net unrealized appreciation (NUA)

Family Issues

  • Consult on elder care needs
  • Provide financial planning services for family members (e.g., parents, children and grandchildren)
  • Provide divorce planning and discuss asset distribution strategies

Net Worth Statement

  • Prepare a detailed list of assets and liabilities

Other Services

  • Discuss identity protection
  • Prepare federal employee reporting: OGE 278, OGE Form 450

Financial Planning Services

  • Retirement planning
  • Education planning
  • Financing options
  • Cash management
  • Employee benefits
  • Charitable and family giving
  • Estate planning
  • And more…

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