Managing Your Investments

How Will You Accumulate, Sustain, and Grow Your Wealth?

Managing your investments requires an informed, thoughtful, disciplined approach. Will you be able to position your portfolio to manage risk while attaining performance? We’ll help you identify and manage the right mix of investments so that you can find new confidence in your ability to meet your financial goals.

Six Signs of a Successful Investor

  1. Uses a disciplined process rather than acting on emotion
  2. Considers both returns and risk
  3. Focuses on the long-term
  4. Uses professional managers
  5. Manages diversified portfolios
  6. Minimizes expenses

Our Advantages

  • As a fiduciary we are bound to act in your best interest.
  • We seek the best institutional class investment vehicles with the most efficient cost structure. The Investment Policy Committee’s collective ideas are incorporated into your portfolio on an ongoing basis.
  • Our structure allows us to independently choose our investments while leveraging the market insights and research capabilities from a variety of sources.
  • Our institutionalized trading system allows us to efficiently implement our investment strategies.
  • We seek to provide education through regular meetings, webinars, and forums to discuss the markets and their impact on portfolio positioning.
  • Our team approach ensures continuity in strategy for your portfolio management, financial planning, tax, and fiduciary services.

Our Capabilities

  • We construct and oversee a diversified portfolio designed to help you achieve your unique financial goals, and report to you regularly.
  • We use third-party custodians to ensure independent, verifiable reporting of your assets.
  • We structure portfolios to attain the necessary liquidity for your cash needs.
  • We carefully manage your concentrated stock positions and help develop disciplined divestiture strategies.
  • We can oversee and manage corporate stock programs such as stock options, restricted stock, stock purchase plans, stock ownership plans, and ESOPs.
  • We assist corporate insiders and key individuals subject to complex reporting requirements imposed by the SEC, government, or their employer.
  • We provide advice on company retirement plans.
  • We provide supplemental tax reporting and cost basis recordkeeping to assist our clients with the burden of the tax return preparation process.

SBSB Investment Philosophy

Selecting the appropriate asset mix is one of the most important investment decisions clients can make toward successfully meeting their investment objectives and managing their portfolio risk. While the foundation of a portfolio should be a long-term strategic asset allocation, we believe that substantial value is created by making disciplined, research-driven tactical asset allocation adjustments to manage risk and capture market opportunities as they evolve.

Our Investment Policy Committee members average over 20 years of experience, and leverage their portfolio management, financial planning, tax, and fiduciary knowledge base to formulate optimal strategies to help meet your long-term investment goals. Our thorough process translates the complex data of the global economy and markets into clear, reasoned portfolio strategies that can be customized based on your risk tolerance and cash needs. This process is predicated on mutually agreeing upon an appropriate strategy prior to implementation.

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